We all start somewhere.


We all start somewhere, the biggest notion of this statement is that we do – start.

Many a blog or an unfinished blog have gone through my hands, and never have I ever followed through with my initial ideas of such a project.

That was until my best-friend’s sister introduced me to Brooke Castillo, life coach and truth-speaker extraordinaire. I have been listening to her podcast ever since I first opened my ears to her knowledge about weight and money and life.

I am what some would call obese, chubby, cuddly, fat. But, and this is something that I have learnt through my listening of Brooke’s podcasts, that my body does not define me, it is not who I am, it is merely the vehicle in which my soul travels.

Since having a look at my life through this new perspective; my weightiness is merely a state my vehicle is in. I know that in order for a vehicle to run properly one needs to service it regularly, one needs to pamper and love it, and when you do this you will have many happy miles with your vehicle. Hence the start, of restoring my vehicle to its best condition. (Mentally & Physically)

I am a makeup artist and for the first time I am pursuing this dream full time. Late last year I took the plunge and quit my 9-5, it was daunting but my heart said it was time. I am a wife to a lovely hubby and  I am following my dream to studying psychology (part-time) and I am a mom to the cutest Yorkie ever.

My newly found inspiration has me reading books, and talking about uplifting my self and those women around me, we all have hopes and beliefs (some crappy) and we are held back sometimes by circumstances, mostly by ourselves and with this blog I intend to help not only myself get out and face the world and live my best life, but also inspire other women to do so too.

Besides, as women we all understand that we are all going through life being strong for others, caring for others and putting ourselves last. This stops today – we can only give more of ourselves when we give enough to ourselves.

Please join me on my journey of self-discovery and finding true and honest love and happiness within and with myself.