New year, new me…blah blah blah…

Funny enough the year has started, perhaps I was in hibernation or perhaps I was hiding from the blank pages of a new year.

As my first year or month (let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we?) of being unemployed by my own choosing, I had to find my feet. Very early on I saw that if I do not start and keep myself busy I might just go stir-crazy or manically depressed.

Just like any other optimism driven person out there I have made resolutions(?), seeing these get broken way to often, I shall rather call them goals that I want to achieve in this coming year. The blog is my way of keeping myself accountable and opening myself up to new challenges.

My list goes a little something like this…

  1. Stop swearing (I can make a sailor blush)
  2. Sort and de-clutter my house (because I have been threatening to do so for years)
  3. Be active (yup I have joined a gym, more on that soon)
  4. Be healthy (I am really trying, and have lost a colossal 1kg – it’s a marathon not a sprint)
  5. Have a baby or at least get pregnant (I have always wanted to be a mom)
  6. Get my blog/website and Facebook page off the ground (YAY! A new post, I am on fire!)
  7. Study hard (if you know me you would know how hard this is for me, after attempting to read the first chapter of one of my 5 subjects, I got bored and wanted to nap)
  8. Be more positive (despite being an optimistic person I can have negative dips, and this is just to try and avoid those buggers)
  9. Speak love (just speak kindly to and of people, I can be a Judge Judy and by speaking love I am hoping to let go of my being critical and judgmental)
  10. Be Happy (just as it says, and still be even if I only do one or two things on this list

There you have it folks 10 goals I would like to achieve this year. As promised more on point 3 – I have joined a gym and would love to be one of those Instagrammers who documents their progress and I have made videos but feel to insecure to post them. But, and this I am realising this as I am typing, my blog is about learning to love me as a human, and to love my silliness and if posting my progress on Instagram is deemed silly then so be it. It is something I want to do and I am going to do it!

Enough babbling from me today, chat again soon.


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