Be proud.

In the last few weeks I feel like I have accomplished something.

As I mentioned before, I am now a housewife, a regular exerciser and a full-time makeup artist. These are all new roles to me.

Firstly being a housewife does not come easy to me, I am not someone who likes housekeeping, and I have never lived on my own and assumed responsibility for a household.

I would have to be the first to admit that perhaps both my brother and I were spoiled, or fortunate I would like to say rather. But with that comes the downside of the feeling of diminished responsibility.
It is one of the things I have been struggling with, but I am slowly but surely winning at this. I am now on a schedule, and my housekeeping skills are definitely picking up and it makes me feel accomplished.

A regular exerciser (she thinks with a chuckle) – something I would never have called myself. I have been going to gym 4 times a week and I am loving it. I am not working towards losing a mountain of weight (I could probably), but no, I am working towards loving myself and taking better care of myself. I am slowly and surely achieving little goals and have actually lost 2 kg(s) in my progress and I am feeling great!

A full-time makeup artist – I have had the qualifications for some time, but have never used them as my only vocation. I do not know why, as I love it and it feels like I lose myself in my work when I am busy with someone’s makeup, my ever busy mind goes quiet and I am in a tranquil state. I am happy to say it looks like business is picking up and I will soon share some of my work with you.

To conclude a lot of rambling – for a long time I was unhappy in a job I didn’t care for, I always gave my best but because my heart was not in it I feel that even my best was not good enough.

I have now found things that I like and challenges that make me feel alive, and although sometimes I still don’t get it quite right I am SUPER proud of that which I have achieved since the start of the year.

Till next time…




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